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We do not offer same-day appointments.
Next-day appointments will incur a convenience fee of $50 (if there is availibility).
All forms of payment accepted EXCEPT ApplePay. Only FSA and HSA debit cards are accepted, as insurance is not billed.

Travel Fees

Travel fees vary based on appointment location.
20+ mi: $20
40+ mi: $50 and up

Membership Travel:  $10
                                      30+mi: $15

Additionally, due to safety concerns with transporting equipment for long distances,

Stair Fees

Due to safety concerns with transporting equipment up flights of stairs, the following fees are associated with apartments and homes that do not have elevator access.

Second floor: $20
Third floor: $40
There will be no 4th floor service w/o elevator access

fees vary for visitor parking that is far from your building.

In some cases, service may be denied if parking is an issue.

This fee will be included in your invoice prior to submitting the deposit.

If you are wanting service at a hotel (mainly uptown Charlotte) and the hotel charges to park or has a parking deck, we will utilize valet parking services and this fee with will charged to the client's room unless the hotel staff is already familiar with our company and allow us special parking at no charge.

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