Couple's Massage

- This involves a couple receiving massage either one after the other (with one therapist) or at the same time (with two therapists). 

Receiving massages together or performing massages on one another promotes intimacy in the relationship to build a stronger bond. Studies show that when couple's massage one another the hormone known as the love hormone, oxytocin, increases.

How to massage one another?

Online learning (no appointment needed)

View the video for a pre-recorded instructional session on how to massage your mate. To view this video you must pay $25 (plus any applicable fees) to access the content. Invite friends over and make it a group event. *This video is not intended to be viewed by children. This is only for adult fun with massage.*

In-Person Session (by appointment only)

Either LaToya or Andrew can come to your home or private location and guide an individual couple or group of couples through massage techniques. They both have unique styles to help you achieve an intimate power of touch that will bring you and your mate closer together physically. 

To book a session please request an appointment by clicking on the heart .

Couple's  Videos