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We do not offer same-day appointments.
Next-day appointments will incur a convenience fee of $50 (if there is availability).
All forms of payment accepted. FSA and HSA debit cards are accepted for the 1-hour pain treatment session, as insurance is not billed.


If you live in an apartment, there will be a fee associated depending on floor level. Anything higher than the third floor will not be serviced unless an elevator is available. If there is no access to free parking near your building, we will not be able to service your location.

If you book at a hotel uptown that requires parking in a garage, we will charge the valet service to your room. If valet service is not available, we will not be able to service that hotel location.

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What to Expect (In-Home)

Some people are nervous and uncertain of what their massage session will entail. There’s nothing to worry about, just relax and enjoy the convenience of being safe and sound in your own home. You will receive an email with an intake form for your medical history and any issues you may be having at this time, a liability waiver, and a policies notice. Please complete before your appointment. The initial session will consist of the therapist coming to your home and setting up her own massage table, providing clean and fresh linens, and relaxing music. We will discuss your goals for the session and expectations. Always communicate the type of pressure you prefer as well as areas you would like to focus on. Each session is custom to your specific needs or request!

After Your Massage

Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins released during the massage. Follow self care instructions given by your therapist after the massage. We suggest that you try to relax for at least an hour before carrying on with your day. If possible, take a nice hot shower or soak in an Epsom salt bath. You may opt to do an optional post massage video review.


All deposits are due immediately to secure your booking; otherwise the appointment will be canceled the next day. All deposits are submitted by invoice and are nonrefundable. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment once within 14 days to avoid having to pay another deposit, as long as it is done within the 48 hour cancellation period. Please review your invoice to see what payment types are accepted.



We respectfully ask that you provide us with a 48-hour notice of any schedule changes or cancellation requests. Please understand that when you cancel or miss your appointment without providing a 48-hour notice, this is an inconvenience to your therapist and also means our other clients miss the chance to receive services they need. For this reason, you will subject to the full price of your massage. You are allowed to reschedule your session over the next 14 days, but if you completely cancel that session, you will have to pay for a new appointment. 


We understand that emergencies can arise, and illnesses do occur at inopportune times. If you have a fever, a known infection, or have experienced vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours prior to your appointment time, we request that you cancel your session. Inclement weather may also result in the need for late cancellations.


We will do our best to give advanced notice if we are closing or need to cancel due to bad weather and we ask you to do the same. Please do not risk your own safety trying to make your appointment as we will take the same precautions.


***Late cancellation due to emergency, illness, or inclement weather will generally not result in any missed session charges, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis.***  


Late Arrival

We request that you are home at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to your appointment time, as the therapist may be earlier than scheduled to set up equipment and start your massage session on time and to allow time to answer any intake questions your therapist may have. For in office appointments, you are allowed a 15 minute window before having to reschedule your appointment. 


We understand that issues can arise that may cause you to be late for your appointment; however, we ask that you text (980) 999-0480 to inform us if this ever occurs so we can do our best to accommodate you. Appointment times are reserved for each client, so oftentimes we cannot exceed that reserved time without being late for the next client. For this reason, if you arrive later than your scheduled time, this will result in loss of time from your massage so that your session ends at the scheduled time. Arrivals after 15 minutes will have to be rescheduled. Full-service fees will be charged even when sessions are shortened or rescheduled due to late arrival. If a balance has been paid and the session is cancelled, you will receive a 50% refund (less the deposit) as our time and travel will have to be compensated.


In return we will do our best to be on time, and if we are unable to do so we will add time to your session to make up for our late arrival or adjust the service charge accordingly.

Inappropriate Behavior

Massage therapy is for relaxation and therapeutic purposes only. There is absolutely no sexual component to massage whatsoever. Any insinuation, joke, gesture, conversation, or request otherwise will result in immediate termination of your session and a refusal of any and all services in the future. You will be charged the full-service fee regardless of the length of your session. Depending on the behavior exhibited we may also file a report with the local authorities, if necessary. Treat your therapist with respect and dignity and you will be treated the same in return.


Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent for the entire session. Parent must monitor the therapist's interaction with the child at all times. Parent must help the child undress and redress before and after the session.

Travel/Parking/Stair Fees

Due to the convenience of providing an in-home service, there is a travel fee associated with all appointments (included in price).

If you are in an apartment and there is no access to free parking near your building, we cannot service that location.

There is a fee of $40 per flight of stairs if you live on the 2nd or 3rd floor. This fee will be added to your final payment. Anything higher than the 3rd floor will need elevator access to be serviced. 

If you are wanting service at a hotel (mainly uptown Charlotte) and the hotel charges to park or has a parking deck, we will utilize valet parking services and this fee with will charged to the client's room unless the hotel staff is already familiar with our company and allow us special parking at no charge. Again, this is a convenience service and the business is not responsible for any fees to park. We also use valet for the safety of the therapists. We carry our massage tables and other supplies to give you the best massage possible and cannot walk far distances. The easier the access to you, the better the massage experience will be.​